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Turning Ideas Into Reality

Whether it's a new build project, an expansion or a whole new business area.  Our consulting services help you to:

  • Assess the feasibility of projects

  • Identify grants that may support the project development

  • Prepare business plans for grants or financial organizations

  • Assist in regulatory applications 

  • Support negotiations with suppliers and project partners 

  • Assist in project development

Energy Management & Development

Understanding your energy consumption is the first step in managing one of the largest input costs in your operation.  We have experience working with a wide range of utilities and help you understand consumption patterns, select a retailer and contract plan to suit your needs.  In addition, we help to identify ways to reduce power and gas consumption and where applicable, generate your own power projects.





Overcoming Hurdles that Prevent Change

Most of our business comes from referrals, customers and friends who come to us with a challenge or a problem that they are stuck with. We are the first to admit that we do not have all of the answers; what we do have is the drive, determination and network to help them find the answers. 

"Anna and DPA Consulting have been instrumental to the growth of Big Marble Farms. Anna has helped our business manage the construction of a new 6MW cogeneration station and has been our voice at the negotiating table with ongoing power contracts and purchase agreements. She ensures that we fulfill our obligations from a regulatory, reporting, and compliance standpoint, and offers needed advice as we develop our organizational structure.


Anna brings clarity and perspective. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business development and government relations. With Anna, we have no doubt that our voice is heard and that we are represented fairly. I cannot recommend her enough.”

David Hoekstra, General Manager

Big Marble Farms

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