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Anna is a confident speaker and presenter. She lectures in negotiation skills at the University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School as well as keynote speaker presentations at corporate workshops and conferences.


Attendees value her practical advice that can be used as soon as they leave the session.  As one attendees explained, getting a free glass of wine completely changed her perspective on negotiation.    

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Feedback from attendees has shown us that some topics, such as negotiating skills and board governance, lend themselves to a workshop format rather than a shorter presentation.  Workshops allow opportunities for participants to practice and to dialogue with other attendees.  This allows a fun and interactive experience and also helps to make the skills quickly applicable in everyday work and life.    

We provide custom workshops for companies, boards of Directors and not for profits.  


Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

"This was truly awesome!  Pleasantly surprised at the very captivating content,  So many jewels!"

Negotiation Skills

"Anna your workshop was absolutely amazing.  I really needed this to improve as a project manager"

Board Governance

"Thank you so much. It was a great session. Great information to take back to the board"


Negotiation Skills

"Thank you, this was well executed.  I learnt so much about how to use questions to evaluate myself and improve my negotiation skills"

Negotiation Skills

"Great workshop!  I negotiate everyday however I have a lot more tools to improve my skills now!"

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Asking Open Questions

The Story in Your Head

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