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Supporting Agribusiness through

Advocacy, Negotiation & Strategy

Preparing for a challenging negotiation?

Reached an impasse: What next?


Effective advocacy helps to drive understanding between parties who may have little knowledge or understanding of the other party's interests.  Only by building lasting relationships can we help to not only  achieve our goals, but far exceed them. 

We work with Agricultural producer associations and individual producers and processors to help to remove barriers to growth, navigate rapidly changing legislation and influence lasting change.


Our Management consulting practice specializes in:

  • Negotiation

  • Energy generation projects

  • Joint venture contracting

  • Board governance

  • Grant applications




Speaking gives us the opportunity to meet a wide range of wonderful people across North America, to share ideas and to learn different approaches to solving problems.

Speaking topics include:

  • Negotiation skills

  • Overcoming hurdles 

  • Opportunities in Agriculture

  • Board succession planning




At De Paoli & Associates, our mission is to support Agribusinesses, to help them to start, grow and thrive.    

To achieve our mission, we offer consulting services to Agribusinesses to help them to turn ideas into reality and to remove barriers in the process.  We advocate for Agribusinesses with Governing bodies, help find grants to make ideas a reality, help drive projects to take business to the next level and promote good governance to allow lasting success.  


We enjoy the opportunity to speak and lecture across North America to a wide variety of audiences, both in the Agricultural sector and to businesses and non profits . 


We are problem solvers, negotiators, facilitators and knowledge sharers. In a nutshell, we are doers who help our clients achieve measurable results. 

"Our company had the pleasure of hosting Anna for an intensive, 2 day Negotiation Skills Workshop.

Under Anna's sedulous guidance, our project managers and sales team were able to explore contemporary negotiation techniques through tailored scenarios and role plays. Most importantly, they learned the importance of having a careful understanding of gender and culture before approaching the negotiation table. We highly recommend her for any and all negotiation training!"

Rashaad Rosalle, Mulitmedia Director

Ad Astra


  Tel: 403.461.7400

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